Future of offices for corporates –


– cutting through the noise for 20/20 vision!

When nine of out ten real estate professionals agree that the next decade will see far greater change than the last, you might nod knowingly, put it down to just ‘noise’, mildly panic or even get excited. Whatever the case, it isn’t head burying time, because the changes are irresistible and unavoidable.

Unless you are cut off from the outside world, there are no surprises as to the root causes – sustainability, globalisation, faltering economies and finance, technological advances, more government say and play, changing demographics – the list goes on.

But what does it all mean for occupiers and corporate real estate? Where will change be most critical, what part will tenants play, and how can they leverage control to their advantage?

And that’s where we come in, with our just-launched definitive study on the future of offices – Offices 2020. Our research tackles the most fundamental issues (identified with the help of clients) which will shape the destiny of the offices sector over the next 10 years.

It examines, for example, how sustainability will dominate the real estate and corporate agenda; how the landlord-tenant relationship is shifting in favour of the occupier; how new technology will radically impact on fit-outs and space utilisation; and where tomorrow’s office hotspots will be?

Essentially, Offices 2020 is about helping occupiers prepare for change by identifying and steering them through the big decisions. The future of offices is exciting and, for corporates, one where real estate could fulfil every C-suite desire. But opportunities need to be seized now.

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