Global Retail – RECON 2013: Leaving Las Vegas

Four days and four nights in Las Vegas for our JLL Global Retail Agency Board at ICSC RECon and I have made four observations.

First, the US is an amazingly dynamic and innovative retail market, with a vast, untapped supply of retail and leisure brands and formats that have yet to explore new territories.

Second, global is the key theme that dominates recent conferences I have attended. Against the backdrop of mixed economic growth prospects and therefore both risk and opportunity, the globalisation of retail appears to have accelerated.

Third, our JLL global network of retail expertise and its potential to advise global retailers is what it is all about. ICSC RECon Vegas has assisted in building stronger internal and client relationships and in creating new opportunities.

Finally, Las Vegas has exceeded expectations and has provided everything we needed to get us through the four days. It is truly unique, but it’s now time to head home.