Investors and developers – throw away the rule book!

Okay – maybe that’s a bit hasty. Probably keep some pages but maybe a ring-binder will work best, as the changes are coming thick and fast. Yes, the rules that are governing the game that is ‘offices’ are becoming very interesting. You thought the changes of the last 10 years were enough to keep you on your toes, well the next 10 are going to be character building!

‘Sustainability’ – yes, we all know about that. Well beyond the ‘green’ aspects, do we know the deeper impacts – such as how obsolete non-green offices are rapidly going to become. And the massive risk – and opportunity refurbishment provides? ‘Money’ – sorry, have to mention it. Now that the banks’ lending coffers have become decidedly rusty, who is going to fill the funding gap – and, as a result of this, what will get built and where? And this brings us onto ‘Location, location, location’ – ah, a reassuring mantra – surely that’s still in the rule book. Yes, but now it’s also about hotspots and shifting micro-locations, and a compass pointing east and further east.

And just when you thought that you had clicked with the wireless, mobile, hot-desk, break-out, chill-out office scene, somebody starts talking about ‘cloud’ and how it will seriously free-up space in some buildings, or the potential for new 12volt electrical technology to actually bring older (non-raised floor) offices back into play. As for ‘wireless electricity’ – let’s stop now!

So food for thought and there’s a whole lot more to chew on (and hopefully savour!) in our new Offices 2020* research – no rule books, no ring-binders, all online.

[*Offices 2020 is an ongoing thought-leadership initiative from Jones Lang LaSalle looking at the future of offices across EMEA].