Will the Gen Y’er be Stung?

It is not just the noise of the vuvezelas that have been making a buzz this summer.

Guess what; the UK has another young fashion retailer, but somewhat surprisingly it is not from North America or Spain. The arrival of Dutch brand The Sting to Regent Street has drawn a swarm of teenagers and wannabees to see what eight months has done to transform the old Tower Record store. The Sting are certainly not being shy by taking such a flagship location overlooking Piccadilly Circus. With the hive of activity in the young fashion market; the landlords love of Hollister and resounding success of the recently floated Superdry can The Sting prove that it will be more than a honey pot for tourists?

This rush of excitement around the fast fashion world of (this week) checked shirts and maxi dresses targeting the aspirational teenagers isn’t just a UK phenomena. Gen Y’ers all over the globe have the toolkit to have a quick online shopping trip with their mates so why bother going in store … ?  This got me pondering what role does the physical shop have to play in  a Gen Y shopping landscape. Gen Y celebrate diversity, consider institutions irrelevant, have access to all the latest technology AND they know how to get the most out of it – shopping included. In my mind the best way to captivate the Gen Y shoppers is to deliver a consistent experience that currently comes only bottled in a flagship store.

This approach is even more important for new entrants to a market and the Sting clearly “get” this. Will the Gen Y’er be stung?

Want to know more about the Dutch retail market? Check out our report.


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